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My favorite narrator finally brought a portion of Milton to life! Hear Jeff Hays become Milton at the 30 minute mark! Also, the cover to Golems has been finished! Check it out on my Patreon.

Milton - A Cyberpunk LitRPG Coming of Age story

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My Writing Priorities


Edit LotGS 2

I finished writing the sequel to Legends of the Great Savanna on 10/12/2018! Now I am editing and doing re-writes. Beta read it for free on Royal Road Legends until the first week of December 2018!


Finish Writing Milton

Milton is a stand-alone LitRPG novel that is entirely dedicated to distracting me from my first priority. Seriously, it is a very fun story. I finished my first draft on 11/26/2018! Beta read it for free here – Milton.


Expand My Audience

My audience has grown much quicker than I thought possible, but I have a long way to go if I want to quit my day job. Do me a solid and sign up for my mailing list or follow me on social!


Improve the LitRPG Book Finder Tool

This is my last priority, as it doesn’t bring in any money. Still, I am extremely passionate about the LitRPG Book Finder Tool. Currently, it helps hundreds of readers a day find LitRPG books with tags and categories that are not available on Amazon. It also is a free and unbiased way to help LitRPG authors gain more exposure.

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